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Spread Love: No less than freedom.

Love. Love offers so much potential for tragedies, dramas, but also inspiring and wonderful moments that can go beyond human imagination. But why does it scare us first and foremost? Why are there more and more people who describe themselves as relationally disturbed and see this quality as a shield for themselves in the daily struggle within interpersonal relationships?

Jealousy: Growing together instead of merging. 

Of course! Jealousy also exists in polyamorous unions and open relationships. So the question should be how to deal with it. In alternative relationship concepts, the discussion does not focus on the "what", but on the "how". It's not about having slept with someone else/being intimate with them, but about how it all happened. How did I communicate the whole thing? How did I protect my partner from unpleasant feelings and take away fears (of loss)?