What kind of world do we live in?

In a world where children are presented at the supermarket checkout with images of disfigured lungs, smoking legs and dead people, while nudity is considered horrifying. In the news, there is no shortage of lurid headlines and pictures of accident victims on public display in tabloids. That, too, is fine as long as no naked breast or abdomen can be seen. Of course you have to protect them - especially children - from too much nudity, but don't we also have to protect them from violence and the above-mentioned cruel depictions? Why do we wonder that sexual disorders continue to increase in our society when society itself does not allow a healthy relationship to sexuality?

The human body belongs hidden. Even nipples can cause indignation and are therefore deliberately censored, although they actually stand for something natural and beautiful. Every child knows that it has nothing bad to expect from a naked breast, yet even in modern, social media like Instagram it is impossible to represent a beautiful breast in its entirety. Reproduction is an instinct, or rather a conservation instinct. By suppressing it, one only supports wrong impressions. After all, what is forbidden is interesting. Also social stigmatizations like "bitch", which everyone gets to hear at least once in her/his life, who lives their own sexuality freely and openly, contribute to the fact that longings and desires develop, which place the individual before a conflict. Hornyness becomes a weakness. Driven by desire. Who wants to be driven by desire? One begins to apologize for one's own lust. It is something bad. Yes, we are still trapped in the age of medieval Christianity.

What I'm trying to say is: How do we imagine a free society, without discrimination or the like, if we are already subject to a doctrine which makes us doubt ourselves? From doubt arises uncertainty, from uncertainty fear, from fear resignation or anger. If we were given a good relationship between our body and mind at an early age, we could save ourselves a lot of time in our young adulthood, which we have to spend in order to be in harmony with ourselves again. I have been observing this for quite some time. Generation Y often feels lost, unstable, without perspective and overwhelmed. Even an excess of possibilities has negative consequences. The dose makes the poison. This is not only true for drugs. 

The media concentrate exclusively on the worst excesses of man and the catastrophic consequences of their ill-considered actions. Images of wars, violently disbanded demonstrations and natural disasters, which repeatedly claim countless victims, dominate the media landscape. Yet human beings can do so much more. Above all, they are able to create beautiful things. Why don't we focus on that? Why don't we explain to children that they don't have to be ashamed of their bodies and why is sexual education still limited to the subject of contraception? So why do we wonder when young adults draw all their knowledge from porn and in reality encounter misunderstandings or irritation? How can we speak of an enlightened society when we are everything but enlightened?

It is time to review and update the social framework. The hippies tried this already in the early sixties, but they overstrained their fellow human beings with their seemingly limitless sexual openness and frivolity. This movement had finally taken up the cause of returning to nature and tried to bring more relaxation into society through anti-authoritarian educational styles and with a lot of love. However, it was the exaggerated looseness caused by constant intoxication and consumption of drugs that ultimately brought the movement to failure and stigmatized hippies in contemporary society in general as long-haired idlers.

What is conspicuous here? The hippies represented a counter-movement to the then current Christian-conservative Konrad Adenauer government. In the following years, the CDU continued to form the government. The society was not yet ready for new life/relationship models; for the return to nature, after all one enjoyed the economic miracle and the accompanying rising standard of living. The anti-authoritarian educational models were also rejected by the parental war generation.

This development took place exclusively in West Germany. In East Germany, on the other hand, one was already one step further - at least as far as the liberation of man from Christian thought patterns was concerned. The communist-atheistic regime cared little about Christian chastisement norms. In the GDR a new nudism culture developed, which at least brought nudity back to the (East) German beaches and bathing lakes. Admittedly: Nudist beaches are not for everyone. But why actually? After all, we were born naked and it is here that our equality manifests itself. Is that perhaps what makes us so afraid? You can still hide something under beautiful clothes, a sexy dress, chic pants or a smart shirt. You can fool your counterpart into believing something. Why else do we try so hard to find the right trousers with the best fit, with the bottom sitting higher and the waist looking even slimmer?

Naked all this would not be possible. Naked we would be real. Simply us. Nowadays that would be a sign. A sign that one would set far away from any whitewashing and exaggerated self-portrayal.

Simply natural.


Photo by Simon